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Check out our satisfied clients below!

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"第一次尝试免针导入氧气护理(needle-free co2 carboxy therapy), 隔天起床真的发现皮肤水分饱满,富有光泽和我脸上的黑斑明显淡化。这是我个人的心得。护理师说其功能还能帮助脸部纹理提升,抗炎抗痘和代谢。护理后还为我疲劳的双眼做个护理。太棒了!"


Cheng Kiang

"Friendly and professional staffs, gained so much more knowledge and learned more about my skin type after the session. Highly recommended!!"


Vyn Han

"第一次做PDRN Baby Booster treatment就看到了效果。肤色提亮,皱纹,祛斑明显变淡。好喜欢他们的脸部按摩。真的很舒服。因为他们的产品成分都是天然的,敏感性皮肤可以放心使用。所以买了 Aquarius hyaluronic cell essence. 含有玻尿酸成分。超级保湿,又不粘腻。他们家的防晒也是大推。不但具备防晒效果,还能提亮皮肤和抗皱。重点是一点都不油腻."



我很喜欢。谢谢Aquarius aesthetics."

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Lee Grace

Wow~ My first time #Aquarius they're friendly and professional staff Elvis Lee and Maggie. Good and nice service. Had done de (carboxy) and (baby skin booster) treatment that's amazing and miracle. More importantly my skin texture is definitely improved. Highly recommended.

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Desmond Poh

Great service and treatment by the staff. I was attended to by Calicia, and she was very friendly and professional throughout the treatment. Highly recommend their CO2 treatment as the brightening effects are immediate and lasting👍.



"A treatment that works like a skin booster that requires no needles and no downtime! It helps to increase metabolism of skin cells, activates protein production, tightens skin and increases elasticity. I was able to see immediate results! Can't wait for another session to witness my skin at its best!"​


Calvin Ng

"Staff is friendly and professional, environment is clean and very comfortable, and free carpark for 2hours~"


Lee K Jian



Ying Yih Low

"Fantastic 5 star service from the super friendly and attentive team at Aquarius! Very clean, very nice and well designed space. Excellent treatment that is very effective, can see results immediately. Sooo sooo good! Love this place!"

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Don Chen

My result after 2 years with them is quite amazing to be honest. (Original Photo without PS!!!) - Refer to Google Review to see the results! Actually the result has been quite significant since around 9th month with them but due to frequent travels between countries that I visited at winter season and Singapore weather, there'll still be acne on my face if I didn't take good care, hence I didn't share the result until now. So far they’re not that hardsell and always share their advice with me, and leave the decision for myself as well.
Visit them for trial and you’ll know.
Original image output! ! ! No retouching
The difference in two years is visible to the naked eye. People around me keep asking me where I got my skin care done. If the situation is not as bad as mine, I believe I can achieve satisfactory results in a few months. The key point is that there will be no rebound, the skin will become more and more stable, and I will feel more and more at ease when I look in the mirror! Ha ha! Recommend everyone to try it! 


Jennifer Chai

"我是刚刚开始接触这个产品,我选用Carboxy来护肤,carboxy 主要可以把暗沉的肌肤提亮,脸也比较有弹性,也会有拉提的效果哦!"

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Sean Tan

"First time washing my face and the staffs is really professional and knowledgeable and their products is really something else good and different from what I usually used, highly recommend Elvis."


Jackie Lee

"Went to try out their CO2 and PDRN treatment as it was needle-less and zero downtime. Turns out I'm really impressed by the service of their friendly staffs Elvis and Maggie as well as the ambience and comfortable environment. I'm seeing myself returning for more !!
Highly Recommended."


Wallace Feifei


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Aaron Kwek

Really good service and friendly staffs. Extremely comfortable environment. Prior to coming to Aquarius aesthetic, had lots of acne, after coming to Aquarius aesthetic and using their products, my skin became glowing and cleared. Thanks Aquarius aesthetic!

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